Lynne Hack

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National priorities

“If I am lucky enough to become your MP I will take your views to parliament and ensure that they are heard.”

“In everything I do, Spelthorne will come first.”

                                                                                                        Lynne Hack

No more Boom and Bust

Gordon Brown’s mantra of spend, spend, spend has brought the United Kingdom to the brink of bankruptcy.

Spelthorne’s businesses deserve the opportunity to thrive and as the party of entrepreneurship and opportunity Conservatives support less regulation and greater freedoms. Localizing business rates and keeping money in the community would immediately benefit the residents of Spelthorne.

Protecting our Environment

The Government has given the green light to green belt destruction.

Top-down targets make no provision for local infrastructure or environmental sustainability.

The Conservatives have promised to scrap these plans and let local communities decide for themselves the right level of local development.

Improving our Health Service

Whilst working at the Royal Marsden Hospital, researching better ways to diagnose and treat cancer I learnt how vital new technology and new drugs are, but also how expensive. One of my main priorities as an MP will be to work for the efficient use of NHS resources so that proven advances and treatments will always be available.

The high level of hospital acquired infection and the practice of having mixed sex wards are totally unacceptable and are not expensive to remedy. I will make improving these an immediate priority.

Protecting our Freedom

We should not have to carry ID cards, nor should the Government hold personal data on computer that can be accessed by too wide a range of people, such as the DVLA database being used by private car clampers.

The latest requirement for a CRB check for those helping family friends is a step too far.

Keeping us Safe

Antisocial behaviour is not always criminal but always impacts on victims. Thriving communities deserve Government support.

I will work with the local police for more officers on the beat and in parliament to decrease bureaucracy and to see a return to the old adage that the punishment should fit the crime.

                                                                                                        Lynne Hack

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“less regulation and greater freedom”

“let local communities decide”

“proven advances and treatments should be available”

“We should not have to carry ID cards”

“The punishment should fit the crime”